In the 21st century, there are many popular sports all over the world that garner our attention. In Ireland in particular however, horse racing has truly taken off and remains to be one of the most popular sports in the country.

This love for betting on horse races has spurred from Ireland’s long history of horse racing and its relationship with horses in general. In fact, with more than 160,000 horses, the island is the leading producer of thoroughbred horses in Europe.

As it is a country that appreciates horses, it is no surprise that Irish people have become so involved in wagering on the sport in a bid to make money off of their hobby.

Why Is Horse Racing So Popular In Ireland?

Firstly, it is worth exploring why horse racing is so popular in this country in particular.

In Ireland, a horse race is a social occasion and it presents an excellent opportunity to have fun with your friends and socialise with others.

Although the country is relatively small in size, it sustains 26 unique and bustling racecourses, demonstrating the sheer passion of the Irish for the sport of horse racing. At these horse racing events Irish people dress up in a fancy manner including hats to block out the sun which allows them to capture the perfect photo opportunity.

The Irish Derby is one of the main Irish horse racing events and takes place over three days at the Curragh Racecourse with a lucrative cash prize up for grabs.

Horse racing in Ireland has been further popularised by the Galway Races with horses only over four years old allowed to take part and the Punchestown Festival which occurs once a year at the end of April. The Dublin Racing Festival is also a popular horse racing event in Ireland.

Betting On Horse Racing

Indeed, horse racing has also become one of Ireland’s most popular spectator sports in Ireland as betting on the sport has never been easier.

In fact, Irish people who have a love for betting on horses can now conveniently do so at a range of sites listed on BonusFinder Ireland. Not only does this make the process of betting on horse races even more convenient but these types of online casinos are known for providing customers with an array of bonuses, rewards and promotions which can be extremely beneficial in the long run especially if you are planning on placing more bets on the sport.

Furthermore, if you are considering betting on horses in Ireland it is important to cover the basics before pledging your real money on this sport.

Before delving into the intricacies of horse race betting, it is wise to note that you need to know horse racing terminology. Although it may seem to be an unimportant step, you will be able to acquire a better understanding of how betting on horses works and therefore, you can maximise your chances of winning.

Knowing terms and concepts such as weather racing can heighten your knowledge about the sport and it can even be fun if you are interested in horses. Refraining from jumping in straight away to pledging bets on the horses can also actually elongate your experience and make is more enjoyable.

Things To Consider Before You Bet

In addition, when it comes to horse racing there is always a favourite which simply means that there is a common consensus this horse is the most likely to win. A common trap that many horse racing newbies fall into is to automatically place all of their bets on the favourite without considering any of the other contenders.

It is also vital to point out that although they are the favourite, the monetary prize will also be less if you back them. Instead, you should carry out research on all of the participants to see if any of them could prevail instead.

Moreover, often those who have never placed a bet on horse racing before will focus their attention on the jackets and horses only. However, it is not a good idea to neglect taking a look at the trainers and whether or not they possess a reputable history.

As there is a lot of information out there when it comes to horse racing, this information should not be hard to find. You should also never blindly bet on a horse without considering the weather conditions.

In Ireland, although it can be sunny during the summer there are times where the country is susceptible to heavy bouts of rain and bad weather conditions. You should therefore take a look at the type of surface that a particular race has and consider how each horse will perform if the weather were to not be as dry.

As a rule of thumb, many horses that are lighter on their feet would prevail in conditions were the racetrack is rough. However, they could fall on their feet if the rain comes in and makes the surface slippy thus affecting how they perform in the race.


In summary, as the relationship between Ireland and horse racing can be tracked throughout history it is unlikely that this love from Irish people for the sport will ever die.

From providing entertainment to giving Irish people the opportunity to make money off of their love for horse racing, this sport truly is beneficial in many ways.

Nowadays, with sports betting and horse racing able to be accessed from your mobile and online why not join in on the fun today and join the millions of Irish people betting on horse racing?