People in the UK enjoy betting on different sports, especially football and horse racing. When they engage in punting, they get presented with various betting markets.

As a newbie, leveraging the UK betting offers while trying to understand the betting options can get complicated. Nevertheless, for an expert punter, selecting the best bet types in horse racing events is crucial to enhance the chances of getting rewards.

Every bet type comes with a unique level of associated risk and reward. That’s why you need to be familiar with the numerous bets and research the ones you feel comfortable with.

Single, Double, And Treble Bets

The singles, doubles, and trebles bet types are considered the simplest betting types to understand for potential punters. They’re easy to explain.

When you make a single bet, you’re wagering on the result of just one race. To get rewards, the event you predict has to be accurate. Suppose you’re engaging in the double bet. In that case, you have to combine two separate outcomes in different races into one bet ticket.

In this case, you need both your bets to be accurate before you can clinch your rewards. The last is the treble bet. This follows the same arithmetic progression as the single and double bets, with the punter combining three different outcomes across different races into a wager.

The only way you’d be able to win a treble bet is if all your predictions come true.


After the single, double, and treble bets, the simplest to understand is the accumulator. This allows a punter to bet on four competitors across different horse racing events.

Before you can claim any rewards, all of your four predictions need to be accurate. Horse racing punters like the accumulator bet type since it represents an opportunity to win increased rewards.

Nevertheless, if you’re going with the accumulator bet, you need to understand the associated risk level. Although your potential reward level increases, your risk level also becomes higher. A single failed prediction can lead to your entire wager going bust.

Hence, you need to be sure you want to accumulate your bets depending on your risk tolerance.

You can go with the each-way accumulator, which several horse racing bettors engage in. The each-way accumulator is a way to make sure that a punter gets some of the lost money back.

Trixie Bet

The trixie bet is a slightly more complex bet type than those above. It simply allows you to make three selections and four bets. For instance, you can make three double bets and one treble bet.

Before claiming any rewards, two or more of your selections must be accurate. Horse racing experts enjoy trixie bets since they allow them to get an increased reward for a lower stake.

The great part of engaging in a trixie bet is that you can win even when some of your predictions aren’t accurate. However, Trixie bets prevent bettors from betting on different results in one race and on events across different sports.

Patent Bet

Another bet type that allows for a decent risk management system is the patent bet. This type of bet will enable you to make multiple wagers, with seven bets made on three selections.

The seven wagers will comprise three singles, three doubles, and one tree. Generally, punters engage in patent betting as a tactic to make sure that they cover all possible results. When you utilize the patent bet, you’re highly likely to get some form of reward if just one of your wagers is accurate.

Patent betting is one of the most common forms of bet types for horse racing bettors. Nevertheless, the strategy can be used for other sports since you’d only need a single win out of your three selections to clinch rewards.


The yankee is a more complicated bet type since you have to make eleven bets from four selections. The yankee involves a punter making six doubles, four trebles, and fourfold.

This way, you can get rewards if two of your selections win the race. You’d best engage in a yankee bet if you want to bet on four different races and you think your picks will be accurate on each event.

With the numbers, math, and terminology associated with horse race betting, it’s easy for new bettors to get confused.

However, understanding the most usual bet types is crucial since it will be a stepping stone to making more complicated wagers.

The most common bet types include singles, doubles, trebles, patent bet, yankee, and trixie bets.