One of the best things about gaming is that if there is something that you can think of, then there is a game for it!

Racing games have always been high-octane, super fast, and exciting. The player’s heart starts beating as fast as the hooves could hit the ground. 


So if you love horse racing and can’t wait for all the big competitive races each year, here are some games from PC to slot games online at sites like that will keep you in action all year around. 

Melbourne Cup Challenge

First out the gate is a bit of a classic; released back in 2006, this horse racing game was fun for those who loved racing, those who liked racing games, and those who just love a bit of a challenge. 

Melbourne Cup Challenge isn’t just a game that you have a few short races on; there are plenty of features to keep you occupied. Including Season Mode, Simulation Mode, Betting Party and Jockey Mode. 

If a friend wants to join in, the quick-play multiplayer is a lot of fun, betting party mod adds a new level to the game without adding strategy – so pure out and out fun!

Season Mode is interesting for those who appreciate horse racing a little bit deeper than just on the track. You can breed your horses to improve stats and aim to win major races with the horses. 

It’s not the newest game, and the graphics can feel a little worn – but it’s perfect for those who love horse racing. 

Starters Orders 7

If you don’t love to play on a console, then Starters Orders 7 is ideal for you as it is playable on Mac or PC online. It offers some great features like in-depth horse analytics and looking through past performances. 

Starters Orders 7 isn’t your average horse racing game; it offers a fantastic 3D race feature, achievable with the Oculus Rift mode. 

What sets this one apart is that it has interesting dynamic commentary, plenty of new racecourses, and Newspaper style form and race cards. 

The makers of Starters Orders didn’t just move forward with 3D gaming and leave the rest behind, though; they understand their players – so there is a 2D option for those is lower spec hardware or a preference for 2D. 

Phar Lap Horse Racing Challenge

If you are looking for a game that feels elaborate and is considered one of the best horse racing games on the market – Phar Lap is it! You can play this stunning game on the console or on mobile. 

Part of the fun of Phar Lap is that you create schedules for your horses, breed your own racers, control the trainer and manage everything in the racing facility. Fun? Yes. But it also means that true horse racing enthusiasts can get a little more behind the scenes. 

And, if you happen to have a couple of friends that also like horse racing, you can compete with up to 8 friends. 

PikPok, the developer and Home Entertainment have tried to make sure that this game is as close to reality as possible, and that is evident in the gameplay. They used motion capture to ensure that the movements accurately represented how the horses move at high speed. 

Rival Stars Horse Racing

This game has been such a huge success because it was developed by the same people who created Phar Lap. So, it is designed with racing enthusiasts in mind. 

You are the game’s main character, and it opens up with you inheriting a ranch! Of course, that is every horse racing enthusiast’s dream. 

From there, you decide how the game does – and what you do. Like other simulation-style games, you’re going to need to keep a close eye on your funding and make sure that you are earning enough money to keep the ranch on the up and up. 

The story in this game makes it stand out from the others, with the graphics and opportunity to travel to some of the most famous tracks around the world should put this firmly in the favourites. 

Glory Horse Racing

Graphically not the best, and there isn’t really much of a storyline either – however if you are looking for a horse racing game that is all about the horses and jockeys – this is it.

You need to find the winning combinations to progress, and over time you’ll build your own stables, train horses, and breed them. 

The more races you win, the more of the game you unlock. 

Lucky Horse Slot

You’ll take the reigns as a racehorse trainer – and it’s your job to make sure you have everything under control. In this horse race slot game, you’ll want to unlock the Free Bonus Game and enjoy the Lucky Horse wIlds and the Expanding Wilds too. 

All the action relies on you training horses to win significant events – and of course, taking care of the horse’s owners is part and parcel of horse training! 

While the soundtrack to the race days could be better, the game itself offers a lot for those who enjoy slots and horse racing.

As a fun addition, notes have been left behind from the previous trainer, and you’ll be on the search for the right weight of jockey to ride your horse to the win. 

Horse racing games offer enthusiasts a new way to enjoy their passion and learn even more about the sport.