Those who love watching horse races might just love a good game of casino bingo. The sensations and thrills that come with both of these activities are more similar than one would expect.

This article will introduce the history of casino bingo before exploring why horse racing fans will enjoy a game of casino bingo.

As a bonus, this article will provide a mini guide on how to start playing casino bingo games like Monopoly Casino.

The History Of Casino Bingo

The game of bingo itself is believed to have been created in Italy during the 16th century. It was then called “Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia”.

Not long after, it was supposedly imported to France by King Francis I of France, where it was renamed “Le Lotto”. It was mainly played by the French aristocracy.

Over time, the game spread to other neighbouring countries. According to a source, the game was then imported to Great Britain during the 18th century.

However, bingo really became popular after 1960 when several new laws allowed for bingo halls to be opened. The increasing popularity of bingo over the last few years appears to be linked to the expansion of online casinos and virtual bingo halls.

Indeed, online bingo is becoming more and more popular, with people from different generations using their mobile devices to play.

Some virtual bingo halls even allow players to invite friends or family members to play with them, which makes it more of a social activity.

Other reasons behind the growing popularity of online bingo include:

  • ease of access (easily accessible for players)
  • freedom (players can play whenever they want and wherever they want)
  • more playing options (players can play different types of bingo and visit different virtual bingo halls)

That last point is important because there are different types of bingo and not a universal ‘bingo’. For example, players can choose between the British bingo version or the American one.

The differences will be explored at the end of this article, in the mini guide on how to play bingo.

As for casinos, the first casino ever to be established was the Il Ridotto casino in Venice, Italy. It opened during the 17th century.

As for the first casino in the United Kingdom, the majority of sources offer contradicting information, dates and casino names. However, it would appear that the first legal casino in the UK was founded in 1961 under the name “The Casino Club Port Talbot”.

Before then, there were clubs and salons in which individuals could play bingo, but these were not real casinos. It was only after 1960 that casinos were officially allowed to open in the UK.

As with online bingo, virtual casinos are also becoming increasingly popular. Their popularity is leading to the decline of physical casinos.

Why Will Horse Racing Fans Enjoy Casino Bingo?

As mentioned before, horse races and a casino bingo game are not so different. If you enjoy one, you might just enjoy the other.

After all, both are games of luck. You can never be sure of the outcome which is both thrilling and exciting.

Therefore, the sensations and emotions when playing both games are pretty similar. You might feel a mix of excitement, fear, fun and anticipation.

If you are interested in bingo but still want to do something that includes horse races, you can play horse racing bingo. It combines both types of games into one.

For example, instead of getting bingo cards with numbers on them, you would get a card with horses on them and “a specific horse racing scenario”. With this game, you also get to learn more about bingo and horse racing.

Games like horse racing bingo are available online, which is another advantage of playing bingo or taking part in horse racing. These activities are increasingly available online in virtual casinos. Those who like horse racing online will have no difficulty converting to online bingo games, and vice-versa.

Finally, just as with horse racing, bingo gives you the opportunity to socialise and meet other people, either virtually or in-person. It is a great option if you’re looking to chat with a new group of individuals and have another social activity.

You can also win prizes with bingo just as you can with horse racing, so the stakes and rewards are quite similar.

Mini Guide: How To Start Playing Casino Bingo

As mentioned before, there are different types of casino bingo games. For example, two of the most famous bingo versions are the UK and American ones.

The UK version is a 90-ball game while the American one is a 75-ball game.

In other words, in the UK version players will have numbers ranging from 1 to 90, spread on a bingo ticket with 27 spaces. In the American version, players will find numbers ranging from 1 to 75, spread on a bingo ticket containing 25 spaces.

The game can be played in a physical casino or bingo hall, or a virtual one. Either way, a caller will call out a number that was randomly selected.

Players who find that number on their ticket will then cross it off. The first player to win is the one who crosses off the numbers needed for a winning combination.

Depending on the type of bingo you play and the venue in which you play, these winning combinations may vary. Callers may also use bingo lingo, or bingo expressions to call out the numbers.

Therefore, before you start playing casino bingo, make sure to check which type of bingo version will be played and some of the most common bingo lingo expressions.

If you want to play a specific type or version of bingo like American bingo or horse racing bingo, make sure to select the right venue that offers the type of bingo you are looking for.

Final Thoughts

This article presented casino bingo and discussed why horse racers might enjoy it. Now it’s time for you to go and enjoy a nice game of bingo with your friends and family.