Racing punters are always on the lookout for ways to improve their personal knowledge of the sport they love. Usually, this is done by reading copious amounts of form guides, as well as nailing down some additional sources who can give them the inside track on what might occur on racecourses up and down the land.

Of course, there are also things that can be done on the day of the race to give a punter an edge, such as studying a horse’s manner and stride down in the parade ring.

However, there is no guarantee that these traditional means of educating yourself will garner results at races like the Grand National and the Epsom Derby because literally anything can, and will, happen on race day.

With most traditional forms of information regarding horse racing exhausted by punters, some are now turning to alternative means and sources of info. Some of these are strategies and tactical approaches garnered from online gaming communities, who themselves are constantly on a mission to improve their knowledge base and expand their horizons.

Some racing punters are using outside sources to better their personal understanding of horse racing.

Classic Game Strategies

Of all the online games out there that give horse racing fans pause for thought when it comes to strategy, classic games like chess, poker, and backgammon are right up there.

This is because such games have seemingly endless gameplay outcomes and possibilities, meaning that there are limitless numbers of tactical approaches that have been devised down through the centuries.

Chess is having a real Indian summer, having since switched to being an online game, with more people playing than ever before. It teaches horse racing fans to think ahead as much as possible and to never be tempted into rash moves that may seem good in the short term, but which can come back to bite them down the stretch.

Then there’s poker, which extolls a smart approach of prioritising the correct moves and decisions rather than a player being solely results orientated.

Meanwhile, backgammon teaches racing fans to pick a tactical approach and stick to it, even if the roll of a dice or that day’s running is not going in their favour.

Horses are mysterious creatures so predicting what they are about to do on race day is almost impossible, but there are some things that can be done to narrow the odds.

Puzzle Game Strategies

While classic games are all about strategy and tactics, there are others that have more to do with outright problem solving. These are often known as puzzlers and are particularly popular amongst the growing hordes of people who exclusively play mobile games.

With many horse racing fanatics being constantly glued to their racing apps and mobile sites, perhaps these are the sorts of games that will be right up an equestrian’s alley.

Such games are useful for racing punters because they regularly confront players with tricky situations that are tantamount to those people face at racecourses.

Which way to turn when there are two conflicting options? How not to fall into the same trap you previously fell prey to? These are the sorts of questions that puzzler games accustom horse racing fans to answering, so they can do the same when it comes to selecting their raceday picks.

Action Game Strategies

Sometimes there are horse racing fans who simply fail to ever commit to making a decision, with too many conflicting opinions meaning they are left floundering, and therefore unlikely to back their convictions before a race begins.

There are lots of online games which prioritise action and quick thinking above all else. These come mainly in the form of RPG and FPS games, where the slightest hesitation or ponderance can be the difference between winning a game or ending up flat on your back and being forced to start from scratch.

Most horse racing fans are more than aware of how that feels, and so they should be encouraged by the sort of advantages that online games can bestow upon them.