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There's something special about a day at your local racecourse. It's not just about watching horses race; it's a great opportunity to have fun, experience something new, and enjoy a day out.

Visiting a racecourse is exciting. You get to see the horses up close, feel the energy of the crowd, and maybe even pick a winner. It’s a chance to experience a sport that's full of action and enjoy a day that’s different from your usual routine.

But there’s more to it than just the races. It’s a place where you can dress up a bit, meet new people, or just enjoy time with friends and family. Whether it's grabbing a bite to eat, trying a new drink, or just enjoying the outdoors, there’s a bit of everything for everyone.

Besides, there’s always something new to see or do at the racecourse. From music to special events, it’s a place where every visit can offer something different. It's a great way to break away from the everyday and have some fun.

So why not plan a day out at the races with our ultimate Racing Guide? Whether you’re a big fan of horse racing or just looking for a fun day out, your local racecourse is a great place to be. It’s more than just a sporting event; it's a fun and easy way to have a memorable day.

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If you're thinking about spending a day at the racecourse and are wondering what it's all about, you're in for a treat. Picture a day filled with excitement, a bit of mystery, and perhaps the chance to cheer louder than you ever have at a sports event. That's a day at the races for you!

Going to the racecourse isn't just about watching horses run in circles (although, admittedly, that's a big part of it). It's about experiencing a whole new world. From the thunderous galloping of horses to the lively chatter of fellow racegoers, it's an atmosphere that's hard to replicate anywhere else.

But hold your horses! Before you dash off to the nearest track, there's a bit to learn. What kind of racing will you see, keep reading the racing guide to find out? What's the difference between a quiet Tuesday afternoon race and the bustling excitement of a Saturday event? And let’s not forget the big question: what on earth do you wear?

Fear not, racing rookie! This guide is designed to walk you through what to expect, so you can focus on enjoying every moment of your racecourse adventure. Whether you’re there to place a bet, soak in the vibrant atmosphere, or just to see what all the fuss is about, a day at the races can be a fantastic experience. So, grab your binoculars (or don’t, that’s not actually a thing everyone does), and let’s dive into the world of horse racing.



When you step into the world of horse racing, you'll quickly realize it's not just about fast horses and jockeys in colorful outfits. There's a variety of racing styles, each with its own charm. Let’s break them down:

Flat Racing: This is the speedster’s paradise. Horses race on a flat track – no obstacles, no hurdles, just pure speed. Think of it as the 100-meter dash of the horse racing world. Flat races vary in distance but are all about the horse's speed and stamina.

National Hunt: Now, this is where things get jumpy, literally. National Hunt racing involves hurdles or fences. It’s like an obstacle course for horses, testing their jumping prowess as well as speed. These races are usually longer and have a bit of extra drama, thanks to those pesky obstacles.

Point-to-Point: Think of this as the grassroots level of National Hunt racing. It’s usually run by amateurs, often in rural areas, and has a more laid-back, local feel. If you’re looking for a casual day out and a glimpse into the future stars of jump racing, this is your go-to.

Harness Racing: Here’s a curveball – the horses are not ridden but pull a driver in a two-wheeled cart called a sulky. It’s a blend of strategy, speed, and style, offering a different flavor to your race day experience.

Each type of racing offers its own unique thrills. Whether you’re in the mood for the straightforward speed of flat racing or the adventurous hurdles of National Hunt, there’s a style for everyone. So, pick your preference, and get ready to dive into the exciting world of horse racing!

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Ready to experience the excitement of a race day? The first step is finding a racecourse near you. Luckily, whether you're in the countryside or the city, chances are there's a racecourse within reach.

Check Online: A quick online search will show you the nearest racecourses. Many racecourses have websites with event calendars, so you can see what's on and when.

Accessibility: Consider how you'll get there. Is there public transport available, or will you need to drive? Some racecourses might even offer special shuttle services on big race days – worth checking out!

Facilities and Amenities: Each racecourse has its own set of amenities. Some might boast gourmet dining options, while others offer a more picnic-style experience. A little research can help you find a course that suits your style and needs.

Family-Friendly or Adults-Only: Depending on who's tagging along, check if the racecourse is family-friendly. Some have play areas and activities for kids, making it a great family day out.

Remember, each racecourse has its own character. From the historic and grand to the modern and cozy, there's a venue for every kind of race fan. So, take your pick, plan your journey, and get ready for a day of fun and excitement!



When planning your visit to the racecourse, one of the key decisions is whether to go for a midweek fixture or a big weekend meeting. Both have their charms and here's what you can expect from each:

Midweek Fixtures: These are generally quieter, more relaxed events. If you're new to horse racing or prefer a less crowded environment, a midweek race is a great choice. You'll have more space to roam around, shorter lines for food and betting, and a more laid-back atmosphere. It's a nice way to enjoy the races at your own pace without the hustle and bustle.

Big Weekend Meetings: Now, these are the high-energy, high-crowd events. Think of it as the racecourse throwing a big party. There's a buzz in the air with more people, bigger races, and often, extra entertainment like live music or themed events. The stakes are usually higher, both in terms of the racing quality and the prizes. If you're looking for the full, vibrant experience of horse racing, a big weekend meeting is where it’s at.

Keep in mind, the type of meeting can also affect things like ticket prices and availability. Big weekend events might require booking in advance and can be pricier, while midweek races are often more accessible and budget-friendly.

So, consider what kind of experience you're after. Whether it's the chill vibe of a weekday race or the exhilarating atmosphere of a weekend event, there's something for every preference at the racecourse.



A key component of any race day experience is the racecard. Think of it as your personal guidebook to the day's events. It's not just a list of horses; it's the blueprint for your entire day at the races.

Essential Timings: The racecard includes all the race timings, which is crucial if you're planning to catch the races (and not just enjoy the bar). It helps you plan your day, ensuring you're trackside at the right moments to catch all the action.

Race Details: Each race is listed with details like the time, distance, and type of race (flat, jump, etc.). This information helps you understand the day's schedule and the variety of races featured.

Horse Information: The racecard provides detailed information about each horse in every race – their names, numbers, the colors the jockeys will wear (known as silks), and more. It also includes the horse’s age, the weight it will carry, and names of the trainer and jockey.

Form Figures: Beside each horse, you'll find a series of numbers or letters, known as form figures. These show how the horse has performed in recent races, giving you insight into their current form.

Expert Tips and Ratings: Many racecards also include tips or ratings from racing experts, offering predictions and favorites for each race.

How to Use It: While the racecard might seem a bit complex at first, it's a friendly tool once you get the hang of it. It's indispensable for making informed choices, whether you’re placing bets or just following the races.

So, whether you’re there to witness every gallop or to enjoy the overall atmosphere (with occasional visits to the bar, of course), make sure to keep your racecard handy. It's your key to unlocking a full and enjoyable race day experience.



One of the most thrilling parts of a day at the races is placing a bet. It adds an extra layer of excitement to the races, but for a newbie, it can also seem a bit intimidating. Don't worry, though; it's simpler than it looks.

Where to Bet: You can place bets at betting counters, often called 'totes', around the racecourse. Alternatively, many racecourses have bookmakers on site – you'll recognize them by their boards displaying odds.

Choosing a Horse: Your racecard is a valuable tool here. You can pick a horse based on its form, a tip, or even just because you like its name – there’s no right or wrong way to choose!

Type of Bet: Start with simple bets. A 'win' bet is where you bet on a horse to win the race. A 'place' bet is where you bet on a horse to finish in the top two, three, or sometimes four positions, depending on the race's size.

Placing the Bet: Approach the betting counter or bookmaker, tell them the race number, the horse's number, and how much you want to bet. For example, “$5 on number 6 to win in the third race.”

Collecting Winnings: If your horse wins, return to the same place you placed your bet to collect your winnings. The amount you win depends on the odds and the type of bet you placed.

Remember, betting should always be fun and within your means. Set a budget for the day and stick to it. Whether your horse comes in first or not, the thrill of betting can add to the excitement of your race day experience.

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A day at the races is not just about the sport; it’s also a social event. Knowing what to wear and how to act can make your experience more enjoyable.

Dress Code: Attire can vary depending on the racecourse and the event. Some race days, especially major events, might have a dress code ranging from smart casual to formal. For many racecourses on regular race days, the dress is more relaxed. It's always a good idea to check the racecourse's website for specific dress code guidelines.

What to Wear: For men, this could mean anything from a casual polo shirt and trousers to a suit and tie for more prestigious races. For women, outfits can range from a summer dress to more elegant attire for big race days. Remember, comfort is key, especially with footwear, as you'll likely be on your feet a lot.

Racecourse Etiquette:

  • Respect the Horses and Jockeys: These are the stars of the show. Cheer them on, but remember to maintain a safe distance and follow any instructions from racecourse staff.
  • Mind Your Manners: Be considerate of other racegoers. Keep noise levels respectful and avoid blocking others’ views.
  • Responsible Betting: Enjoy betting but do it responsibly. Know your limits and stick to them.
  • Littering: Keep the racecourse beautiful. Use the bins provided for any rubbish.

Enjoying the Atmosphere: Part of the fun is soaking in the atmosphere. Whether it’s enjoying a picnic on the lawns or a drink at the bar, take the time to enjoy the various amenities the racecourse offers.

Dressing appropriately and following basic etiquette will ensure that you and everyone around you have a great day at the races.



One of the joys of a day at the races is the variety of food and drink options available. Whether you're a foodie or just looking for a quick bite, racecourses typically have something to suit every taste.

Range of Options: From fast-food stands to sit-down restaurants, most racecourses offer a range of dining options. You can find everything from classic race-day snacks like hot dogs and burgers to more sophisticated cuisine in fine dining areas, often with a view of the track.

Bringing Your Own: Some racecourses allow you to bring your own picnic. This can be a great way to enjoy the races, especially on a sunny day. Check the racecourse’s policy beforehand, as some may have restrictions on what you can bring, particularly regarding alcohol.

Bars and Beverages: Racecourses usually have several bars serving a variety of beverages, from soft drinks to beer, wine, and spirits. For a more traditional race-day experience, you might want to try a glass of champagne or a classic cocktail.

Tips for Dining at the Races:

  • Plan Ahead: On busy race days, restaurants can get crowded. Consider booking in advance if the racecourse offers this option.
  • Stay Hydrated: Especially on hot days, make sure to drink plenty of water.
  • Food Stalls: For a quick and easy option, check out the various food stalls around the racecourse.

Enjoying the food and drink at the racecourse is part of the overall experience. Whether you’re indulging in a gourmet meal or just grabbing a snack, there’s plenty to choose from to keep you fueled throughout the day.



While the races are the main attraction, there's often much more to a racecourse than just the track. Many racecourses offer a range of activities and attractions that can add to your day's enjoyment.

Behind-the-Scenes Tours: Some racecourses offer guided tours where you can explore areas usually off-limits to the public, like the paddock, the stables, or the commentators’ box. These tours can provide fascinating insights into the world of horse racing.

Family-Friendly Activities: If you’re bringing children, check out family zones or activities specifically designed for younger visitors. These might include play areas, face painting, or even junior race-related activities.

Live Entertainment: Especially on big race days or during festivals, racecourses often feature live music, performances, or other forms of entertainment. This can range from local bands to well-known artists, adding an extra layer of excitement to the day.

Exhibits and Displays: Some racecourses have exhibits about the history of horse racing, famous horses, or the local area’s racing heritage. These can be interesting for both racing enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Shopping Opportunities: Don’t forget to check out any shopping options. Many racecourses have shops selling racing memorabilia, clothing, and sometimes local crafts or products.

Exploring beyond the races themselves can make your day even more memorable. Whether it’s learning something new about the sport, enjoying some family time, or just soaking up the atmosphere, there’s plenty to see and do.

Racing Guide - A day out at the races


A trip to the racecourse is as much about socializing as it is about the sport. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, enjoy a day out with friends or family, and become part of a vibrant community.

Meeting New People: The racecourse is a melting pot of fans from all walks of life. Strike up a conversation with fellow racegoers – you might learn a new betting tip or hear an interesting story.

Group Outings: Going to the races can be a great group activity. Whether it’s with friends, family, or coworkers, the shared experience can be a lot of fun.

Fashion and Style: Race days, especially major events, can be as much about fashion as they are about racing. It’s a chance to dress up and showcase your personal style.

Celebrations and Occasions: Many people choose the racecourse as a spot to celebrate special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or even bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Remember, part of the charm of a day at the races is enjoying the company of others and the lively atmosphere that comes with a gathering of race enthusiasts.

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